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The LoVe PoTiOn

EzZiE, the love witch, blended together a secret, passion, potion for her friend Minton Morton. He had an aching heart for a girl, Belinda Anne, that he had met at the coffee shop in his office building. Minton picked up the concoction and thanked Ezzie profusely. He had a plan. He would add this to her coffee, unknowingly. He then pictured that beautiful Belinda Anne would drink the love coffee, stare deep into his eyes, and instantaneously, the two would be locked forever in heart-shaped bliss. The next day he saw Belinda Anne at the coffee shop, but she was sitting with Marjorie McDonald, from the accounting department. Marjorie had a shriveled-up look with intense lime-green eyes which reflected onto her skin. He was told that she was a real witch, and it gave him a shiver. Although Belinda was with Marjorie, it didn’t discourage his plan. Minton approached the two of them. He said “hello” and immediately began laughing hysterically, and pointed in another direction. They both looked to see the humor, and he swiftly dumped the potion in to Belinda Anne’s coffee. They turned back abruptly, and stared at him puzzled. “Oh you just missed it, the craziest Halloween costume e v e r !” he exclaimed. At that moment, Belinda Anne’s hand hit Marjorie’s coffee, which ran everywhere. The three of them quickly mopped it up. Belinda Anne felt horrible, and begged Marjorie, “Please take my coffee. I haven’t touched it yet.” Minton’s face was horrified. “No, no, no, no-no,“ he bellowed. There was nothing he could do. Marjorie slurped the coffee like it was her last cup in life. When she finished, she glanced up and immediately was spellbound by Minton’s eyes. Marjorie was locked forever in heart-shaped bliss with Minton, the bliss that was meant for Belinda Anne. On this Halloween, be careful with your potions, especially in the area of love. It may be best to let nature take its course, or there may be a grave repercussion...including a real witch.🧡


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