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Whimsical paintings are painted on canvas using acrylic & ink,

with a splash of sequins (just because).

I paint them with whatever portrays their personality such as pajamas, a tiara,

a Hawaiian shirt, etc., or without. They have curlicue noses and eyebrows,

and never look straight ahead; either up, down, or sideways-

which adds to their personality.

I can also paint realistic eyes if you prefer those over whimsical.

I write a title up the side of the canvas and over the top,

which is a special secret for you & your furry kid. 

click here to see the whimsical gallery

If a more realistic painting of your furry kid is your preference, I can do that also.

They are painted on watercolor paper using my JuLeS mixture of watercolor,

colored pencil, charcoal, and gouache. I may use one of the mediums, or all. 

click here to see the realistic paintings gallery

when doing commissions of pets, i paint in two styles:

jules gissler Walter  dog with wings 72.jpg




whimsical pet paintings

"Jules creates the most amazing pieces- colorful, fun, and just makes you feel happy!

I especially like her whimsical animals, each with cute names and

little stories to help capture their personalities."

-Kristi Ragar

" Jules’ work is perfect. She really captures the souls of her subjects but in a fun, quirky way.

I smile every time I look at the piece she created for us.”

 -Brenda Martin

realistic pet paintings

"Jules captured the essence of my little girl in her painting and it reminds me every day that

she is still here with me, always near, so loved, so missed, so dear."

-Gemma Wilson

"Jules is amazing to work with. We have commissioned her for two pet portraits for us. She is very talented at what she does, & really has a talent for making the pups personalities shine."

 -Liz Illg, Puff & Fluff, Owner/CEO

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