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Commission Jules for a unique painting or drawing:

Furry guys of all shapes and sizes, people, flowers, or food, are my favorites. Please email me and we can discuss your painting or drawing. If doing a furry kid, whimsical painting, I include a humorous title up the side, and over the top of the canvas with a sprinkling of a few, unexpected, sequins. I, also, now offer, a more realistic painting of your furry kid, if that is your preference. A 50% deposit secures your place in my calendar. 


"Jules is amazing to work with. We have had her commission two pet portraits for us. She is very talented at what she does, & really has a talent for making the pups personalities shine."

--Liz Illg, Puff & Fluff        Owner/CEO

julesgissler Beau Louie and Leo72.jpg

Commission of Louie, Beau, & Leo

Furry Guys

I love dogs of all sorts…

pound dogs, rescue dogs, and designer dogs. They all have unique personalities, and I portray this in my paintings. Their eyes look up,

down, or sideways,

but never straight ahead.

This, to me, exemplifies their curious personality. 

If you prefer more realistic, than whimsical, I now

offer that too.


"I've been collecting Jules Gissler's work for years! Her pieces make me laugh & smile all day long."

--Shelly O'Donin, Puppy Belly Deli


The people I draw, paint, or collage, are whimsical. I create them with as much personality as possible, & most have a story that I have written about them.

jules gissler Edna 4th of july 72.jpg

Something Fishy Was Going on Here...

Gissler Abstract small.jpeg

Ginger Adams & Her Maui Sundae


My Free-Flowing Paintings.


"Jules is incredibly talented. I used

her art on my last design job, & also commissioned a piece. It came out wonderfully. Bonus is that she's

truly a lovely lady."

--Adam Schiff, Interior Designer


I do anything in my whimsical style, from a spool of thread

to a product line, and also offer a more realistic but in

"Jules" style.

Gissler Nils Home.jpg

Commission of their first home

Jules_Gissler_Polkadot Flowers150  copy.

BeLinDa, MauRice, KeLLy AnN, MiCk, & TeRi, the Centerpiece.



Most of my flowers I name with ordinary people names, and give them people activities. I'm obsessed with names. I love using different mediums, and mixing a couple, such as watercolor and charcoal, or colored pencil.

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