Commission Jules for a unique painting or drawing:

Furry guys of all shapes and sizes, people, flowers, or food, are my favorites. Please email me and we can discuss your painting or drawing. If doing a furry kid painting, I include a humorous title up the side, and over the top of the canvas with a sprinkling of a few, unexpected sequins. This completes your Jules’, one-of-a-kind, painting, or drawing. 50% deposit required with your order.


With Hats & a Balancing Act...These Three Were Ready for Hollywood

Furry Guys

I love dogs of all sorts…pound dogs, rescue dogs, and designer dogs. They all have unique personalities, and I portray this in my paintings. Their eyes

look up, down, or sideways,

but never straight ahead.

This, to me, exemplifies their curious personality. 

If you prefer more realistic, than whimsical, I now offer that also.



The people I draw, paint, or collage, are whimsical. I create them with as much personality as possible, & most have a story that I have written about them.


...To the People of Our Planet, May We Not Take Us for Granted. Extend Your Kindness& Your Care, and Share your Heart Gifts...EVERYWHERE.


Ginger Adams & Her Maui Sundae


My Free-Flowing Paintings.



I do anything in my whimsical style, from a spool of thread

to a product line.

Commission of their first home

BeLinDa, MauRice, KeLLy AnN, MiCk, & TeRi, the Centerpiece.



Most of my flowers I name with ordinary people names, and give them people activities. I'm obsessed with names. I love using different mediums, and mixing a couple, such as watercolor and charcoal, or colored pencil.


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