Commission Jules for a unique painting or drawing:

Furry guys of all shapes and sizes, people, flowers, or food, are my favorites. Please email me and we can discuss your painting or drawing. It will be an adventure of FUN! If doing a painting, I include a humorous title up the side, and over the top of the canvas with a sprinkling of a few, unexpected sequins. This completes your Jules’, one-of-a-kind, painting, or drawing. 50% deposit required with your order.

With Hats & a Balancing Act...These Three Were Ready for Hollywood

Furry Guys

I love dogs of all sorts…pound dogs, rescue dogs, and designer dogs. They all have unique personalities, and I portray this in my paintings. Their eyes look up, down, or sideways, but never straight ahead. By doing this, it displays their attitude of “What now?”, or “Look at me!”…such personalities!

If you prefer more realistic, than whimsical, I now offer that also.


The people I paint, are painted with as many curlicues as possible. Curlicue noses, ears, eyebrows, cheeks, chin, hair, and accessories. I would love to paint you, your friend, child, sister, aunt, etc., and portray them in my unique, Jules’ style…I see you smiling!

Matching Sweaters Pushed It, But Dyeing Her Hair Like Mine...She Has Lost Her Mind

Ginger Adams & Her Maui Sundae


The name says it all...


I do anything in my whimsical style, from a spool of thread

to a product line.

Commission of their first home

Cin, Roberta (the Tall One), & Felicity...Groovin'

Flower Power


My flowers make great use of my imagination–they don’t exist in reality, and so my creative mind goes crazy. I name my flowers with regular people names, and give them people activities in the paintings’ titles. I guess you could say they are people dressed in flower suits doing every day activities…

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