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SiLaS MoNtGoMeRy & Crate & Barrel's Sea Salt Caramels

SiLaS MoNtGoMerY found herself in a bit of a quandary. Her usual gift of the delectable Crate and Barrel’s Sea Salt Caramels were sold out...completely. There was not a carmel to be found ...anywhere. Silas is known for this gift, and her friends anticipated it like Pavlo’s dogs. She could visualize their happiness in detail when she would deliver them. There was no substitution. She contemplated over the serious decision of going with the Salted Chocolate Carmel Peanut Bark. It was surely no replacement for the caramels, in her opinion, and Silas is not a woman of change. These caramels have been a holiday tradition for many years. How would she get through this debacle in her life? Silas picked up her phone and began dialing her therapist. ☎️


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