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OpHeLia BriDgeFoRtH wassssssssss FeeLiNg SpRiNg-LiKe!

On March 2nd, today, Miss Ophelia Bridgeforth was feeling Spring-like. However, she lived in the state of Minnesota, where today, and the last 8 weeks to be exact, spring wasn’t springing. It hadn’t even poked its head out to test the weather. But Ophelia had an itch, a large itch to see brown grass turn green, baby buds on trees, and flowerpots bursting in blooms.

---Ophelia couldn’t afford a ticket to Arizona, and take vacation time because of household repairs...of course, due to snow. Although, she did the next best thing.

---She thought hard on her springtime thoughts, and was determined to make them grow. So instead of a vacation, Ophelia scraped off her windshield, and drove to the local craft shop. There, she bought supplies.

---She drew, cut, and pasted an Ophelia spring of pink flowers. She sprayed a gardeny scent room freshener on her paper flowers for that “sort-of-spring-like” smell. Her living room rug, now, wore a sparkle of green, plastic Easter grass. This she scattered from 8 bags purchased from an early Easter display. For spring snacks, Ophelia squeezed an orange-grapefruit drink, and baked lilac shortbread cookies.

---To bring it on home, she dressed in her favorite spring outfit, and played springy 70’s music like “Brand New Key” by Melanie.

---All of this hoopla was to note her very own indoor spring.

Ophelia thought it, and made the indoor pink paradise come alive.

---So on this winter / spring day, know that whatever your thoughts or dreams may be, do them Ophelia style, and they will happen — Ophelia will tell you so. 💗🌸💗



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