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OfficE Santa, Bob...Scarred From Being JoLLy!

Bob, the Office Santa Scarred from Being Jolly!

BoB BraNdoN, a.k.a Office Santa Claus, felt the need to keep a watchful eye over his shoulder! MiNdy DaLia had a thing for Bobby, and confessed her attraction at their Holiday party. Playing the role of Santa, he had to be jolly towards Mindy, and Bob takes his acting seriously, calling himself a professional. However, Mindy mistook his holiday performance for the real deal. The next day, after the party, when Bob, was being Bob, and was not as friendly toward her, Mindy took excessive offense. She didn’t delight in Santa playing with her heart. In turn, for his cold shoulder attitude, she decided Santa needed to receive some coal. She deflated his tires, splashed vinegar in his coffee, & taped a very “un-Christmas-like” message to the back of his shirt. Human Resources had a chat with the two. All seemed to be mended, but all this scarred Bob’s trust a bit. To this day, Bob continues to peer over his shoulder...obsessively. The office party was held in 2015. Who knew there would be such dire consequences to playing a jolly man.


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