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MiDgE MaRsHaLL Made Her ToWn a BroWniE ToWn

MiDgE MaRShaLL Overflowing With Brownie Love!

MiDge MaRshaLL was craving a brownie...those rectangular pieces of dense, choCoLaTy loVe. However, she soon discovered her town, was not a brownie town. There wasn’t a crumb to be found, so she took it upon herself and baked a pan. —She shared her brownies. They wanted more, so Midge baked more, and each time she added something different. There was chocolatey-marshmallow chip, blackberry-cherry almond, and the spicy kind with serrano peppers. Those were just a few. —Miss Midge was abounding in her undiscovered creativity. She felt passion and delight, and a euphoric enthusiasm when baking her brownies. All this had laid dormant in her 9-5 bank teller job. —The orders were constant, and her name spread like wildfire. This town, indeed, needed the brownie. —Soon she delivered her resignation for her 9-5 job. As expected, Midge, and her town, became infamous for her delectable brownie parade of chocolate, block cuisine. —Midge Marshall made her town, a brownie town, and she forever shared her new found wisdom when quizzed on her success.

“If you are missing something that you love, whether it’s a brownie, knitting sweaters, or traveling afar, bring it back into your life, and maybe it will take you on a ride you never imagined”.🍫💥🧡



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