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JuLeS Introducing JuLeS & Why I Create Art & Write

Jules ‘self’ story.

I have never introduced myself, & why I do what I do, so today is that day.

I’m Jules, formally Julie with Ann in the middle, which I always wished I had a more exotic middle name, but I go by Jules, it just feels warmer.

Soooo I have always drawn, painted, made things, & written stories.

I’m originally from Montana and graduated in Graphic Design at Montana State, Bozeman. Yes, I had a drink named after me at the infamous Rockin’ R bar called the ‘Gissler Whistler’…college days.

I’ve lived in Atlanta, Richmond, VA, NYC, Denver, & currently, the desert in Phoenix, AZ.

I’m an eclectic girl. I love cities, & I also love open spaces. Hiking, running, skiing, walking my dog, Kinley Lorraine, & just being outdoors, grounds me.

Now the why part. This is where you look into my large, glass window. Some days it’s tougher than others for me to show you what’s there, & what I have created. I would rather close the curtains. However, connecting is huge for me.

I decided to reconnect with my passions of art & writing when I went through a divorce about 12 years ago, which can sadly untie connections.

I will say that living my arty life and being able to bring others some ‘happy’, has got me through some tough stuff.

At that time, I began creating my hardware jewelry, painting flowers, & dogs (giving them all names-a name just solidifies a deeper connection), & I also wrote a short, 2 line per page book titled, ‘Getting Your Magic Back’, illustrated with my abstract paintings. This, again, was connecting with people through my words & art, and letting them know, that on their life adventure, if stumbling, they will get their magic back.

My art is created in either my whimsical, or what I name my ‘juLeS-styLe realistic’… and then there are also my quirky stories…

My best-loved subjects are dogs, cats, women, flowers, abstracts, & food, with my favorite mediums being acrylic, collage, watercolor, gouache, pastels, & colored pencil. Sometimes mixed together.

Ultimately, as corny as it sounds, I just want to connect with you, & bring you a little ‘happy’, which in turn, brings me mucho ‘happy’! Thanks for being in my juLeS world. ❤️

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Cassy Park Williams
Cassy Park Williams
10. Okt. 2022

Loved hearing your story and your creativity.

Gefällt mir
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