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HaRRiEt TuRbLeton & the Office Christmas Party 2017

Harriet Turbleton was her name. She had always been a bit frosty, and cold-eyed, but there was that office Christmas party in 2017. ​ Let's just say, Harriet was uncorked that night, and did indeed let her hair down...among other things. ​ It was the consequence of an extra shot of tequila. She is usually far from being a party girl, but the air she breathed that night, somehow, overtook her senses. ​ Harriet performed her own musical/dance number. It was sung in a whole new octave of Patti Labelle's, "Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir", and on top of the center table.  ​ The office crew enthusiastically chanted, "More, more!", and renamed her "Cha-Cha Harry". She obliged, and sang two encores. ​ Neither cameras, nor videos were permitted at this party due to the Christmas party of 2009, so there was no hard evidence of the "other" Harriet that night. However, every year at this time, there are lengthy whispered conversations reminiscing the party of 2017, and Harriet, a.k.a. "Cha-Cha Harry', and her extra shot of tequila.


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