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HaPPy NeW YeAr

In the heated passion of their New Year’s Eve kiss, MaGoRy WiLcoX closed her eyes tight. When the celebratory kiss ended, she tried to open her eyes. The glue from one of her false eyelashes, had sealed her left eye shut. —She fled to the bathroom and left her date bewildered about his kissing ability. —Margory doused her eye with steamy water and tugged at the lashes. It dropped into the sink. Her tortured, blood-shot eye barely stared back at her in the mirror. —Margory, a confident gal— stripped her right eye lash off for eye unity, and returned to her date. —That night, she vowed never to buy off-brand lashes, especially at a drug store that for some odd reason, was going out of business. And to you, in this new year, continue to take risks, but avoid the more obvious off -brand decisions that may lead to a sore eye!

MaRgoRy WiLcoX



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