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BoNNiE AbTruSe Accents her Demure Personality with Tropical-Colored Clothes

BoNNiE AbTruSe is described as demure. Her voice is soft, along with the color of her skin, and she has tiny, pouty lips. Because of this, you would think she would dress in neutral beige, or a subdued grey to match her low-key personality. However, this was not the case. Bonnie’s clothing selection flounced with personality. The colors vibrated lime-green, banana-yellow, and an exuberant tangerine-orange. It made you ponder, if perhaps, there is a side to Bonnie wanting to escape her neutral self, but too timid to take the plunge. Would she hang glide over a deep sea, drink cocktails with umbrellas until sun-up? Of course, her feet would be dangling from a tree swing, parading her two-toned crimson polish with skeleton head decals. Then again, maybe that’s what we would imagine for her. Perhaps she is happiest working 9-5 and retrieving to her condo. There, she engulfs herself in her Celine Dion tribute comforter on her tan sofa. By her side, is her beagle, June Alice, sharing her leftover pizza, and watching reruns on the Hallmark channel. That, in a nutshell, is Bonnie’s very comfortable, beige-colored life. But, of course, it is accented with tropical-colored clothes, which are her adventure.


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