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BiTsY SnoDgRaSs Believes St. Patrick's Day(because of the heart-shaped clovers)Is Actually a Luv Day

BiTsy SnoDgraSs has f o r e v e r believed that St. Patrick’s Day was a l❤️ve day in disguise. To Bitsy, it was obvious that a shamrock was, indeed, a heart-leaf cluster...but in green.   And so, on this day, she put extra effort into finding her love match.   Gordy, across the street, and down three blocks, was her hopeful love this St. Patrick’s Day.   Her tactic was simple. She knew the exact time when he walked, Bill, his rescued shepherd.   She would dress in green, dye her hair to match, tint her eyebrows & eyelashes for extra affect, and finish with her newly purchased, “lime-glow sizzle” lipstick. This was all for a perfect conversation starter, and most appropriate for this day.   It was 6:40 am. Bitsy stepped out of her door and anxiously walked her love path.  Her eyes caught his plaid jacket a block away. Her heart pitter-pattered. She drew closer.   “What?!” A woman from nowhere raced up behind him, & threw her arms around her Gordy!   Who was this interference? Her heart stopped. Bitsy could barely watch. He whisked around and returned her embrace.   Bitsy was now just steps away from this awkward encounter. Her love match was evaporating before her eyes. It was like watching a bad movie.   Would he kiss this intruder...Bitsy’s kiss, on her love day?   Just then Bitsy  tripped. She let out a shrill shriek!  When she looked up from the ground, there was Gordy, and his brown eyes.   He pulled her up, & asked if he could help her home.   Where was the girl?!—-Oh...there she was, behind him.   Just how will this story end?! Who will meet Gordy’s lips this St. Patrick’s  Day of love?! And...who is that “other” woman? ...You decide.   HaPpy St. Patrick’s LoVe Day! ❤️☘️❤️

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



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