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ArLeNe PiMbLeGraSs at the DMV

Today was the day that ArLeNe PiMbLeGraSs had to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles. She needed to renew her license, which meant a photo retake. Being a prepared woman of today, and wanting the absolute best photo possible, Arlene had her hair styled at the hairdresser so that each curl would lay in line. She also stopped by Linly’s department store for a free makeover, so that her makeup was flawless. Arlene dressed in her favorite powder blue blouse. It made her blue eyes dance. Lastly, she wore her great aunt’s pearl drop earrings, they gave her that sophisticated look—at least she thought so. —Arlene was ready for her photo. Her number was called and she was asked to stand against the backdrop. Eyes wide open, teeth flossed, fresh lipstick applied, she was more than ready for the camera. “Click!”and it was done. —She waited for her copy. The clerk okayed it, and slid it to her view. “Egads!”She screamed. “I have 45 chins!” Her comment did not phase the clerk. “I need a retake!” she demanded. “We don’t do retakes lady”. “But look— this obviously is not me,” she added. He glanced at her, and then at the copy, “It is you.” he replied, “You may go.” —Seven years Arlene must live with this photo. This was not a good day.📸



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