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ARiaNNa DigLe & the Bendable Curlers

ARiaNNa DigLe saw an advertisement for bendable curlers. They promised they would deliver that “natural” look that every woman seeks. The word “natural” sold her. She had a drawer full of curling irons that guaranteed that look, but only provided frizz-burned hair, and very unusual kinks. She twisted them into her fine hair, and slept on them for a trusting, extra bounce. The next morning she eagerly unwrapped her curls. They fell on her head, revealing numerous, bald spots. “Good grief”, she groaned, and washed the failed curls gone. Arianna dressed, and was about to dry her hair when the fire alarm buzzed in her apartment complex. Everyone rushed outside, and waited in the parking lot. Arianna nervously watched the time. She would be late for work if she didn’t leave now. Off she dashed with her styleless hair. Her work day became quite a sweet surprise. Everyone who passed her cubical that morning, complimented her on her “natural” hairstyle. She was a bit confused, but as the day went on, the flattery continued. That Thursday, Arianna made a pact with herself to no longer fall into the fate of advertising fairy tales, and to celebrate her own Arianna-natural hair. ...She also made imaginary animals out of the defunct curlers, which decorate her work desk.🧡


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