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AlBeRt & the MaGicAL Cup of KinDneSs

You never know where, or when, you will feel the flow of love. Mine was over a cup of coffee with a Greek, elderly, gentleman named Albert. —Saturday morning I stopped at the farmer’s market in my neighborhood. I meandered up and down the aisles. I spotted a cute, mobile, coffee counter, and ordered a latte. —While I was waiting, a gentleman, who was a bit hard of hearing, approached the counter and asked the vendor in a very loud voice, “How much is a cup of coffee?” They were finishing mine, but quickly spewed him the amount. He looked in his wallet, and asked again. He either was in disbelief of the amount, or didn’t hear. This reminded me of my Dad, who is now gone. He always thought coffee was wayyyy overpriced, and he took great pride in seeking out a cheap cup of joe. I slipped a $5 to the vendor, and told the woman I’d like to buy his. He asked his question one more time, and I told him it was my treat. He stared at me wide eyed and said, “Nooooo.” I then insisted, “Please, I want to.” After two attempts to buy his own, he succumbed, and then asked, “Do you like Baklava?” I immediately replied, “Yes, I love it!” “You must come to my booth, he offered, I’ll be disappointed if you don’t.“ —I continued roaming the aisles, and then found his booth. His face lit up. He showed me his special baklava and instructed me how he made it. This dessert was definitely his passion, and was the sole item he sold at his booth. —He asked my name, and repeated it several times, “Jules, Jules, Jules.” As I mentioned earlier, his name was Albert, he wore a tweed driver’s cap, and his name just fit him perfectly. —Albert pointed to his sign, and proudly announced that he made it. He asked if I did any art, and I told him I was an artist. His face ignited, and he said assuredly, “God put us together to meet.” —I thanked dear Albert for his dessert, and told him I would visit again, soon. In his loud voice he enthusiastically squealed, “I love you, Jules!” He took both his hands, and blew me a kiss. I smiled. —I can’t say why I was so fortunate to have this chance meeting that morning. I think both Albert and I needed to feel a little love, even if only for a few minutes. —Was it God, the universe, connecting us that morning, or maybe it was just two people being kind to one another. Whichever it was, have belief that in this crazy world, people do care about one another.



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