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A HaLLoWeeN TaLe !

On this Halloween night GrEtZeL, the baD wiTcH, decided to pull a trick, and switch things up. —Instead of her usual Halloween attire of black mustiness and cob webs, she wore a princess gown of glitter & gold with the scent of vanilla cupcakes. —This, she prized, was pure brilliance. The Halloween goers would mistake her for niceness and charm, and be lured into her evil, and sticky web. She, then, would strike her prey with her low, dark, and absolute creepiness. This is the kind of creepy that makes you scream so loud, but no one can hear you.—I will spare you the grim details, but just know you may not survive her game. —And so, on this Halloween night, beware of those you imagine as good...for they may be the most wicked trick of all. 💀

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN from GrEtZeL!


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