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5 Star Review for My Book, “Getting Your Magic Back”

So ExciTeD! I received a 5 Star Review for my book, “Getting Your Magic Back”–a kick-ass book about pushing through life’s transitions. Please visit to read the review! <3 Thank you, Susan Barton! You can order my book on this website or visit,

Detective Sherlock & Princess Shae New Commission <3

New CoMMiSsion that I loVed doing of Sherlock & Shae <3 --Email me to paint your FuRRy KiDs. <3 <3

Brenda Up For Auction for AZ Humane Society on Sunday <3

AZ Humane Society’s event “Compassion with Fashion” Sunday, March 26th, 11 am at Camelback Inn. Register at AZHUMANE.ORG/CWF. One of my FaVOriTeS…Brenda & her Poodle-Do, will be up for auction. She needs a VeRY LoVinG home. <3 <3

New Commission <3 Marley & Utah

NeW CoMiSsioN: Marley & Utah –I would LOVE to PaiNt your LoVeS –Furry or Otherwise <3